Why Spectrum

So, Why Choose SpectrumPS?

There are a number of reasons for why SpectrumPS is the right choice for your hospice, but we’ll let you discover those once we begin working together. In the meantime, we’ll fill you in on a little bit of what we do, why we do it, and how it can benefit your hospice.

For us, our goal is to provide each of our clients with the pharmaceutical access that they need at the lowest possible costs and with ease, so that they can take the emphasis off of the pharmaceutical market and direct their attention to their level of care for patients. Through everything like logistics and delivery, to support, and to educational resources to help keep your staff informed of current best practices, you can instantly transform your hospice and begin working towards something greater.

Our program was designed by pharmacy professionals, for pharmacy professionals. We have the level of expertise required to drive change in the industry, and we’re constantly looking to provide customized solutions that allow our clients to take their level of care further than ever before.

The SpectrumPS Edge

When you choose to work with SpectrumPS, you’ll instantly gain an edge in the industry. With our spectrum of solutions,

Our Vision

At SpectrumPS, we like to envision a world where easy medication access doesn’t come at a high premium – especially for hospices.

Customer Service

Our entire team, from receptionist, to executives, to management, customer support staff, and pharmacy experts, we remain focused on delivering unparalleled service, exceptional support, and comprehensive solutions that extend far beyond the general conventions of a traditional PBM. Remember, at SpectrumPS, we’re offering something more.