Medication Access

Medication Access

When it comes to today’s healthcare industry, access to medication is always going to be one of the major talking points for providers, practitioners, and patients. Here at SpectrumPS, we’ve worked to provide a comprehensive solution to this question in the hospice care industry by developing a hand-picked national network of local pharmacies who specialize in hospice care medications, along with our very own Mail Order Pharmacy, so that our clients are always covered.

Hospice PBM Local Access

Our carefully curated network of local pharmacies allows you to gain instant access to better cost management, efficiency, improved quality of care, and more advanced reporting. And when paired with our Hospice Resources like Clinical Alerts, you can find out exactly when your medication is ready to be delivered or picked up. And if it’s more convenient, we can even send your medication through a courier service.

  • Hospice-Focused Pharmacies
  • SpectrumPS’s Mail Order Pharmacy via Next Day Delivery
  • 24-Hour Clinical Support
  • Local Delivery Options
  • And More!

SpectrumPS’s Mail Order Pharmacy

In a world where instant access is becoming the norm, we believe that it’s about time for the healthcare industry to follow suit. Our Mail Order Pharmacy is helping to offer hospice providers with more immediate support and services by delivering patient medications directly to their homes, paving the way for increased efficiency, better care, and lower costs.

Order new medications through our dedicated mobile app or place a call to SpectrumPS, we’ll be glad to help fulfill your order quickly.

  • Next Day Delivery
  • Second Day Delivery
  • Weekend Delivery
  • Mail Order Dispensing
  • Comfort Kits
  • Compounded Medications & Special packaging
  • Prefilled Syringes
  • Integrated Mobile Medication Management Tools
  • ePrescribing Services

Inpatient Unit Support

At SpectrumPS, we’re always willing to do everything we can to ensure that the hospice industry has the support that it needs to better serve their patients. For that very reason, we also offer a wide variety of tools and resources to support hospice inpatient units (IPUs).

We work to provide completely customized solutions including e-Kits based on IPU size, hospice location, the level of care, and the workflow preferences of our clients. From there, we support IPUs with evidence-backed best practices for compliance, acute symptom management, medication access, and waste reduction – all with the 24/7 support that you’ve come to expect with us.

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn more about our Medication Access, please contact us directly and speak to one of our team members.