Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

In a technology driven world, it’s imperative that the healthcare industry follows suit and employs advanced cutting-edge technology to help the hospice industry optimize their services, provide better care, and lower costs.

At SpectrumPS, we’re no stranger to innovative technology.

SpectrumPS Provider App

Provider App is our dedicated mobile app that provides nurses with a more powerful hospice experience by making medication management more efficient, keeping you off of the phones conversing with pharmacies, and increasing your time with patients.

Order new medications, place orders for refills, state-of-the-art approval system to reduce your operational cost and eliminate the need to pick up a phone with the provider app.

SpectrumPS Medication Access App

The Medication Access Application is specifically designed to help hospice clinicians and care provider to streamline the medication access. Medication Access App combined with our proprietary system gives a real-time visibility of every odder placed for your hospice patients.

SpectrumPS CareLoop

SpectrumPS CareLoop is comprehensive system to connect, patient, provider and pharmacy on a single platform which results in better outcome for the patient care.